Mayor of Prague 7 Jan Čižinský. (Facebook)
Mayor of Prague 7 Jan Čižinský. (Facebook)

PRAGUE - Body The Exhibition has been in serious trouble in the Czech Republic. Czech top leaders in medicine and anatomy criticize the exhibit as unethical. The Ministry of Local Development has initiated the burial of dead unidentified bodies. Mayor of Prague 7 wants to confiscate the bodies to be properly buried according to the law. Some experts on China[1] point out the possible links between the Chinese transplant system and the origin of human bodies at exhibitions.

Czechia is the second European country trying to bury human bodies from a controversial exhibition. France was the first to attempt it in 2010, when the verdict of the French Supreme Court said the exhibition is forbidden as the commercial display of human remains is contrary to the law. Yet the authorities were unable to secure and bury the corpses.

Critical voices of doctors and activists in the Czech Republic have been heard for several years. This year a large number of opponents were involved. The highlight of the resistance to the exhibition is the criticism of the mayor of the Prague 7 district where the exhibition is taking place, and the intervention of the Ministry of Local Development, which ordered the bosses of Prague 7 to bury the bodies in accordance with the law.

The Mayor of Prague 7 sent an open letter to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China requesting the embassy‘s consent with the burial of the bodies because it is highly probable that the exposed corpses belong to the citizens of China.

Regardless of the embassy‘s reaction, the law of Czech Republic imposes to Mayor the imminent burial of the exposed bodies.

Mayor of Prague 7 Jan Čižinský has already asked local police for co-operation and begun to discuss the process of ensuring the bodies.

The organizer of the exhibition, JVS Group, hired legal advisors who submitted an opposite legal interpretation than the Ministry.

We are waiting for the first steps of the Czech police.

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